Tigh Brachen

Marty's Page

Welcome to Marty the Pine Marten page. He was a regular visitor to the house but has now been replaced by a new bigger male, which has been nicknamed Monty (named by a guest - not me!). He has become a regular visitor to the garden, coming for the daily offerings guests have laid out for him. So if you want to see him, get your goodies out early (but not too early or the gulls which pinch it)! He runs along the beach, and his little head pops out from underneath the bird feeder. And he is quite happy sitting on the window sill munching his dinner.

Favoured foods are - peanuts, raspberry jam (preferably with peanuts mixed in it!), peanut butter & jam sandwiches, raisins, digestive biscuits.

A gallery of pictures of Marty are below, but the video is of Monty. Double click to enlarge any of the photos.