Tigh Brachen

Ascent of Beinn Alligin

Beinn 2

Walk 16 - Beinn Alligin (approx 8¾ miles circular route)

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Your eye is always drawn to Beinn Alligin (the Jewelled Hill), so it is a must for a clear day! This is a wonderful walk, with stunning views over Loch Torridon and the Torridon range.

Due to the fact that our dogs come with us on our walks, this route excludes the Horns of Alligin (Nan Rathanan) as there are a few places which would require the dogs to be lifted/dropped on some steep sections of the Horns. Nevertheless, this route still takes in two munros.

Starting from the car park at Coire Mhic Nobuil, cross the road and straight ahead of you take the good path which leads quickly up onto moorland, keeping the Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil on your right. The path can be wet and boggy under foot in places, but slowly it leads you into the great corrie of Tom na Gruagaich. Although steep, the path up through the corrie is not difficult, but it does make you puff and it is eroded in places towards the top (work is currently underway to repair the eroded sections). As you start to reach the top of the corrie, the tendency is to be drawn left, but the summit is actually to the right, but it does not matter which way you chose, as you come up onto a broad plateau. Tom's summit cairn at 922 mtrs can then be seen and can be easily reached, but the views from here are breathtaking, and its worth taking a detour and walking the full length of the plateau to look down onto Loch Torridon before heading for Tom's summit cairn.

Once you've taken in your fill of the views, the summit of Sgurr Mor beckons, with its deep cleft clearly showing. From Tom's cairn you now have to drop down some fairly steep crags. The tendency is just to go straight over and drop yourself down some fairly high rocks, but if you keep checking to your left as you go, you will find an easier route which takes you away from the edge (and which if you have a dog is alot easier). This section is not difficult and if you take your time, it presents no real problems. Once down from this section the 1 mile ridge to Sgurr Mor is reasonably easy going. Before the final ascent to Sgurr Mor you cross a grassy saddle. Easy grassy slopes head downwards to the north-west - this is the return route. As you push towards the summit of Sgurr Mor, you pass the impressive cleft, and after a false summit you reach Sgurr Mor's summit cairn at 986 mtrs.

For the return route, drop back down to the saddle below Sgurr Mor, and drop down the easy grass slopes heading north-west. This takes you into some remote country, walking around the base of the Horns. You have to make your way through a series of lochans, but aim to descend by following the burn which runs from Loch Toll Nam Baist. Find a suitable place to cross the burn as it descends into Bealach a Chomhla, don't drop all the way down to the bottom. Keeping some height, follow the Allt a Bhealaich, keeping it below you on your left. The reason to keep high is that eventually you should pick up the faint path which joins the main descent path from the Horns. Once you join the main path the rest of the journey back to the car is easy.

A well earned drink in the Ben Damph bar is then required!